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    resonate : to relate harmoniously

    Is life feeling anything but harmonious? You are not alone.

    I help anxious overachievers find relief from stress and feel confidence in their relationships.

    My clients struggle like you do. Despite having good friends, success in school and work, and the appearance that they have it all together, life is hard.

    When clients first come in, their anxiety feels out of control. They overwork themselves, believing they have to do it all. They are constantly on the move, working hard to fix any problem they encounter.

    Life seems to be full of constant worries and second guessing. There is a tightness in their chest and a pit in their stomach that never seems to go away. They want to slow down and breathe, but it never feels like there is enough time.

    They often play the role of caretaker to the important people in their lives. They feel uncomfortable when others are upset and work hard to help them feel better.

    They love their families; however, at times, they don’t feel seen or understood. They long for deeper connections, but most of the time they feel most comfortable at home with the latest Netflix binge.

    They’ve been disappointed by partners and friends who don’t show up for them. They give so much but often feel frustrated when they don’t get the same care in return.

    They hold in their emotions, fearful of letting others know what they truly think and feel. Before they come to see me, they wonder if they will ever feel secure in their relationships.

    Like my clients, you deserve to reclaim an internal sense of calm and relief.

    You deserve to transform your relationships and bring meaningful connections into your life with ease.

    You deserve to calmly and confidently communicate what you think and feel to others, no matter how difficult the conversation. You are one step closer to getting there.

    If you are ready to take control of yourself and your relationships to make positive change and feel more ease,

    I can help.

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    It is time to invest in your growth!