• 5 Benefits of Arts-Based Psychotherapy

    Many clients have questions when they learn I am a licensed creative arts therapist and board-certified music therapist. It may seem out of the ordinary to be using creativity in the therapy room; however, it can be an extremely important component in your therapeutic process.

    It is important to know that art-based psychotherapy does look a lot like traditional talk therapy. We will discuss what is going on in your present, explore your past, and create goals towards the future. At times; however, verbal processing can only take us so far. That is where the creative elements come in to deepen the process.

    Creativity in the therapy room might look like creating an image to externalize a feeling, writing a letter to a family member to tell them something you’re not ready to say in person, making music with the therapist to connect with guarded emotions, or rehearsing conversations to feel more comfortable bringing them out of the therapy room and into your relationships. 

    Let’s take a deeper look into 5 benefits of arts-based psychotherapy:

    Connection to the Body

    Stress is held in the body and manifests in familiar ways. A trained creative arts therapist can support you in connecting to the body and using it as a tool for finding emotional regulation, grounding, and calm in stressful moments. 

    Safety & Vulnerability

    Sometimes we might not feel ready to discuss the experiences that cause us the greatest stress. The use of music, art, or writing in the therapy room can help to externalize and explore more sensitive material in a safe manner.


    Through the creative expression of our internal world, we can relate to our anxiety in a more objective way. At times, the creative arts therapist will mirror your movement, music, or art. This helps you experience feelings of increased validation and security.

    Emotional Intimacy

    Through the experience of creatively sharing your anxious parts in therapy, you allow yourself to be fully seen. The acceptance and mirroring from the therapist enhances feelings of safety and security. This is more likely to result in a greater sense of trust and security within yourself and with others.

    Accelerated Growth

    Sometimes, words only get us so far. Through the incorporation of creative expression in therapy, we are engaging with subconscious material more often. Thus, we are able to work with the deeper parts of ourselves not always accessible to our conscious brain.

    If traditional talk therapy hasn’t gotten you the progress you’ve hoped for, consider a creative arts psychotherapist. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!