• Anxiety & Perfectionism

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    Does it seem the pressure to be perfect, happy, and have it all together is higher than ever, but something just doesn’t feel right?

    Maybe you work hard but constantly have that inner critic telling you that you are not good enough…

    Do you regularly feel your stomach turn and your heart race, like you just can’t breathe and relax?

    Anxiety and perfectionism often go hand in hand. The noticable difference between the “perfect” exterior everyone sees and tense interior you actually experience be incredibly overwhelming.

    You may notice that you are procrastinating, finding it difficult to focus on the tasks on your to-do list. Because of this, the internal critic gets louder and louder.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    Let me help you discover simple ways to calm the body and the mind. Together, we’ll create a safe and secure space to work through intrusive thoughts and feelings.

    I will use a gentle combination of verbal therapy and creative self-expression, working in partnership with you to explore the root causes lying underneath those unrelenting emotions.

    We will work together to understand who you are at your core. I am here to help you gain new insight, perspective, and empowerment into the real YOU.

    You can and will find the internal peace and serenity you are seeking.